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The right to education is one of the universal human rights. It is an essential right for every human being living in a society. It is the right to be educated and to have access to knowledge.

Aware of the primordial role of education and the deficiencies of the education system in Africa and mainly in Cameroon, the « Children's Semen in memory of Ivon » foundation aims to support the strategy of universal access to basic and especially complete education for young Cameroonians in precarious situations.

Acting for education

The foundation aims to popularise and promote access to education for Cameroonian youth and carry out exemplary projects through action in the field.

Our wish for the year 2021, is to finance the construction of an equipped school group in Yaoundé and to recruit a motivated and qualified professional.

Help existing schools to benefit from our material and financial aid so that children can be educated.

Your support is essential to sustain our actions and make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of young Cameroonians. We need your help!

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